The Orikti Settlement

It is located on the southwestern outskirts of the village of Orikti (the former village of Krasny Vostok). It is suggested that this place was once a settlement whose dwellers served the residence of the Saka nobility: the settlement of Rakhat. The preliminary dating of the monument is V-III centuries BC.

The main parts of the settlement form an enclosed circle. From the eastern, northern and western sides the territory of the settlement was fortified with a dirt wall. The south side is protected by a moat. There is a modern cemetery located on the eastern part of the territory. The northern part is also partially occupied by burials. The research works by the Reserve-Museum on the site of Orikti started in 2012. The excavation begun with a test stratigraphic trench at the two small kurgans of the Turkic Period; which together with fragments of ceramics, bone, and stone artifacts found in the cemeteries date the lower layer of the site as 3-1 centuries. BC.