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Director's Blog

Mukhtarova Gulmira Railovna.

Director of the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Esik", Candidate of Historical Sciences, Chairman of the Expert Commission of the Kazakhstan National Committee of the World Heritage under the National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan for UNESCO and ISESCO, Deputy of the Maslikhat of Enbekshikazakh District, Almaty Region of the VIth convocation

About the museum

About the museum-reserve

The "Esik" State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve was established by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 43 dated January 30, 2010 as part of the Strategic National Project "Cultural Heritage",on the territory of the EsikNecropolis, in one of the mounds of which in 1970 the famous burial of the Saka Prince was discovered. In this foothill zone of the Trans-Ili Alatau more than two thousand years ago there lived the tribes that the Persians called "Sakas", and the Greeks called "Scythians".

Information for visitors

From the Sayakhat bus station in Almaty:

1) Shuttle bus No. 225, cost 150 tenge, Onai card-80 tenge

2) Minibus (stop on the side and next to the monument to Raiymbek Batyr), cost – 300 tenge;

3) Taxi near the mentioned stop, cost – 400 tenge per person.

Get off at the “Reserve-museum” Esik” stop. You will see the mounds on the right in the direction of traffic movement, and among them you will see a single building with domes in the form of prismatic cones – this is the Esik Museum Reserve. There is a red sign with the name of the museum along the road.

Entry tickets:

adults – 300 tenge

students and retired – 200 tenge

school students – 150 tenge

preschool children – free of charge

foreign citizens – 400 tenge

Tour guide (for groups up to 10 people):

in Russian and Kazakh languages – 1000 tenge

in foreign languages – 1500 tenge

for school students and preschoolers in Russian, Kazakh and foreign languages – 500 tenge

Accordion Content

Quest game “The Secrets of the Golden Man”

The quest game allows participants to try the role of a researcher-historian, restorer and even a detective who discovers the secrets of the Saka history and the mysteries of the Golden Man, as well as the history of the objects that surrounded him.

The game participants receive a map following which they must decipher the manuscripts of the archaeologist Kemal Akishev, who was the researcher of the Golden Man, unravel the symbols on the silver bowl of the Golden Man, glue together a broken ceramic vessel and do many other unusual things that you never get to do in everyday life. The quest map contains clues to questions and tasks, the answers to which can only be found by carefully studying the territory and the exposition of the museum.

The quest is for children of the age of over 8 years. This is an intellectual team game not only for children but also for adults, a good form of family leisure. Up to 20 people can participate at the same time. Participants need to have a smartphone or tablet connected to the mobile Internet. All tasks come through WhatsApp.

We invite you to spend time in an interesting and informative way, discovering the museum world from an unexpected angle.

Opening hours of the museum-reserve:

daily from 9.00 to 18.00, no off days