The State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum «Issyk» is in an amazing place, at the junction of mountains and steppes on the main road on the way to the Issyk and Turgen gorges, the favorite recreation places for Almaty residents and guests of the southern capital. In this foothill zone of Trans-Ili Alatau, more than two thousand years ago there lived tribes, which the Persians called «Saks», and Greeks called «Scythians».

The Reserve Museum is located on the territory of the Issyk necropolis, where the most «loud» archaeological finding of Kazakhstan — the tomb of the «Golden Man» was found. The discovered burial of the Saka prince, striking with its wealth and richness, is remarkable in that it is the only unrubbed burial in Central Asia, which has reached us intact. The complex of burial finds gives invaluable information about the culture of ancient nomads of Kazakhstan. The artifacts of the monument and the stories that adorn the ceremonial clothes of the «Golden Man», conveying the sacred meaning of the mythology of the ancient tribes, entered the state attributes of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Saka culture and the «Golden Man» are the main themes of the presentation and scientific research of the reserve-museum «Issyk».


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