A documentary ‘Legend of the Golden Man’ on BBC

A documentary ‘Legend of the Golden Man: Secrets of the Steppes’ is being showcased on the BBC World News

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Next broadcast is on Friday July 20th 2018 at 3:00 local time.

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Director of the State historical-cultural reserve-museum Issyk at the International Forum on the Archaeological View of Silk Road


On May 12th the director of the State historical-cultural reserve-museum «Issyk» Gulmira Mukhtarova made a presentation on the topic of «The Role of the Reserve-Museums of Kazakhstan in Study of Archaeological Monuments on the Silk Road» at the International Forum on the Archaeological View of Silk Road in People’s Republic of China in Shaanxi Province

Presentation here — presentation_mukhtarova_china

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UNESCO World Heritage Site — medieval Talgar hillfort

20180704_123239UNESCO World Heritage Site — medieval Talgar hillfort by the Resolution No. 06-330 of the Akimat of Talgar district of Almaty region dated June 26, 2018 was transferred permanently to the State historical-cultural reserve-museum «Issyk». This is a huge credit of trust and a great responsibility. There is a huge work to ensure the preservation of the monument and its further investigation. We must make every effort to make it become a worthy World Heritage tourist attraction.

«Night at the Museum» at the reserve-museum «Issyk»



On June 15th the State historical-cultural reserve-museum «Issyk» held the next annual event «Night at the museum». This event allows residents and guests of the Almaty region to touch the history and culture of the Kazakh people. The modern format «Night at the Museum» allows attracting an audience of different ages.

«Night at the museum» in the reserve-museum «Issyk»


17.30–24.00 hour

June 15th, 2018

«Night at the museum» in the reserve-museum «Issyk»

This is an event that allows residence and guests of Almaty region to touch the history and culture of Kazakh people. The modern format «Night at the Museum» allows attracting an audience of different ages.


img_0166   On June 2 2018 on the territory of the State historical-cultural reserve-museum «Issyk» a memory sign was opened in honor of «Friendship and cooperation on the Silk Road» between Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea. Since 2013 Memory signs, dedicated to friendship and cooperation on the Great Silk Road, were established by the Republic of Korea in China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkey and India. In Kazakhstan, a memory sign is established for the first time. The choice of a place is not accidental – monuments of the reserve-museum «Issyk» refer to the early period of the Silk Road. Since 2016, research on them has been conducted in close cooperation with archeologists from the Republic of Korea.



Today, an exhibition dedicated to the Day of the First President was held in the reserve-museum «Issyk».

The exhibition «The Inheritors» tells about the preserved heritage, which was put into the showcases of the reserve-museum thanks to the professional activities of scientific-research and scientific-fund departments, the exhibition as a result of field and restoration work. It also presents the experience of the first such historical reconstruction in the form of a copy of the famous felt «Pazyryk» carpet.

The root of the word inheritors is the word HERIT. For historians, and even more so — for archaeologists, the search for traces of original cultures that have gone into the past is the basis of their profession, but it is sometimes difficult to be able to see these traces. And here the notion of the Inheritor, as the successor of the Teacher’s work, as the receiver of professional experience, comes to the forefront. Such a mentor for our museum was a scientist-archeologist Bekmukhanbet Nurmukhanbetov, and the inheritors of his experience in a sense are all of us — his team members, but, first of all, of course, young archaeologists.

Asian Archeology


The reserve-museum Issyk has long-term cooperation agreements with five research organizations of the Republic of South Korea. This year was the second season of joint archaeological research, the results of which were presented on October 17, 2017 at the international archaeological conference «2017 Asian Archaeology» held in Daejeon, South Korea. Director of the reserve-museum «Issyk Gulmira Mukhtarova and senior researcher, head of the Kazakhstani-Korean archeological expedition of 2017 Turali Tulegenov took part in the conference, where reports on the results of joint research of Korean archaeologists with researchers from Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan were presented, which gave the conference a truly planetary character.

On September 13-14, the director of the reserve museum Gulmira Mukhtarova worked in Tashkent at the sub-regional meeting «Development of management strategies for the corridors of the Silk Roads in Central Asia»


September is always an active month, despite the fact that almost all the expeditions have already ended. Forums began.

July 17, 2017 in the Palace of Independence in Astana within the cultural program of the International exhibition EXPO-2017 there took place the opening of the exhibition «Sak culture» of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum «Issyk»


The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which allocated special funding for this. In the art gallery of the Palace of Independence there are 3 reserves-museums of Kazakhstan — Issyk, Tamgaly and Ulytau.

At the exhibition «Sak culture» you can see the latest archaeological finds — unique artifacts of the culture of the Semirechye saks, found as a result of emergency excavation of the Ornek burial ground in 2015: authentic gold ornaments — 9 plaques (buttons) and 11 parts of costume of the deceased, arrowheads from various materials (bone, bronze, iron).

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