«Night at the Museum» at the reserve-museum «Issyk»



On June 15th the State historical-cultural reserve-museum «Issyk» held the next annual event «Night at the museum». This event allows residents and guests of the Almaty region to touch the history and culture of the Kazakh people. The modern format «Night at the Museum» allows attracting an audience of different ages.

During the ceremonial opening and rewarding of the participants of the action, G.R. Mukhtarova, the director of the Issyk reserve-museum noted that this event was an expected holiday, a cultural event for our audience — residents of Enbekshikazakh district. «This year the event is held for the fourth time, and we get to know our visitor more and more. This year, the Culture Department, the Department for the Development of Regional Languages of Akimat of Enbekshikazakh district, students of the medical college, students of the regional sports school took an active part in the preparation of the event» ‑ she said.

img_0647img_0695 img_0487img_0672img_0508The tone of the action «Night at the Museum» was given by the youth quest «Secrets oftheGolden Man». This is an exciting game, allowed the participants to consistently open one after another the riddles of history. National games were demonstrated at various venues — altybakan, arkan tartu, aksuyek, creative activities were held. Children and adults painted the drawings of the «Pazyryk carpet», plaster figures, created a variety of flowers-brooches from the fabric. Masters of the museum «Usta Darkembay» held a special master class on making samples of folk applied art. Historical reconstructions of the Saka, Usun, Kanyu, weapons, uniforms and methods of its use was demonstrated by Stanislav Potapov, a member of the Institute of Archeology.

img_0749img_1021In the framework of «Night at the Museum» a modern PlayBack theater ILI (Almaty) performed, the talented youth of the district lit the lovers of folk music with the competition «Dombra Party». Under the sounds of oriental melodies, a fashion show of modern samples of ethno-collections by Aizhan Bekkulova and Auez Saginaeva was presented, which caused a storm of applause and delight of visitors. In the night concert program, musical compositions modern-etno-jazz «»STEPPE SONS» and ensemble of Kazakh multi-stringed musical instruments «ASYLTAS» (Almaty) were performed. The event ended at midnight with what became the traditional symbolic «Saka bonfires».

This year, «Night at the Museum» was not in May, as usual on the International Museum Day, but in June. By this we wanted to say that the format of the meeting with the museum is not «tied» to a specific date, it simply allows one time a year (for other, larger museums, maybe several times) to invite simultaneously the widest audience, to unite everyone by interest in history, culture and museum. This is our innovation, therefore it is quite natural that the action «Night at the Museum» was held within the «Innovation Festival» Innovation Festival Central Asia, held from June 7 to 17 in Almaty on the initiative of the Association of Civil Society «ARGO».

The reserve-museum «Issyk» is located on the territory of necropolis Issyk, in one of the burial mounds  of which in 1970 was found untouched burial of Saka prince. The image of the «Golden Man» and elements of decoration of his clothes were used in the creation of symbols of Republic of Kazakhstan. «Night at the Museum» is held in the reserve-museum since 2015 and collects at least 3 thousand participants.



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