«Night at the museum» in the reserve-museum «Issyk»


17.30–24.00 hour

June 15th, 2018

«Night at the museum» in the reserve-museum «Issyk»

This is an event that allows residence and guests of Almaty region to touch the history and culture of Kazakh people. The modern format «Night at the Museum» allows attracting an audience of different ages.

According to Gulmira Railovna Mukhatarova, director of the reserve-museum «Issyk»: «This year we are holding a similar action for the fourth time. Over the past time, we have learned our audience and our audience came to know us. This year our «Night at the Museum» is not in May, which became a tradition for Kazakhstan museums, but in June. Thus we want to say that this format of the meeting with the museum is not «tied» to a specific date, it’s just the possibility of the museum once a year (for other, larger museums, maybe several times) to invite simultaneously the widest audience, unite everyone with the interest to history, culture and the museum. This is our innovation, therefore it is quite natural that our event will be held within the framework of the Innovation Festival».

The «Night at the Museum» will start with a quest «Secrets of the Golden Man». Is is a fascinating game, which allows participants uncover the riddles of history. On the playgrounds, national games will be demonstrated — altybakan, arkan tartu, aқsujyek. Creative works will be held. You can paint the drawings of the «Pazyryk carpet» or plaster figures, create flowers-brooches from the fabric. An employee of the Institute of Archeology Stanislav Potapov will present historical reconstructions. Within the framework of «Night at the Museum» Dombra Party will be held and the modern PlayBack Theater I.L.I. (Almaty) will perform. The defile of the ethno-collection Aizhan Bekkulova and Auez Saginaeva will decorate the action. The concert program will feature modern-etno-jazz «STEPPE SONS» and an ensemble of Kazakh multi-stringed musical instruments «ASYLTAS» (Almaty). And the event at midnight will end with the symbolic «Saka bonfires».

The reserve-museum «Issyk» is located on the territory of necropolis Issyk, in one of which burial mounds in 1970 the undisturbed burial of a saka prince was discovered. The image of the «Golden Man» and elements of decoration of his clothing were used in the creation national symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan. «Night at the Museum» is held at the reserve-museum since 2015 and collects more than 3 thousand participants.

This year the «Night at the Museum» — is a part of big innovation festival Innovation Festival Central Asia, which is held from 7 to 17 June in Almaty on the initiative of Association of residence society «ARGO».


Additional information can be obtained at the reserve-museum «Issyk»:

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