img_0166   On June 2 2018 on the territory of the State historical-cultural reserve-museum «Issyk» a memory sign was opened in honor of «Friendship and cooperation on the Silk Road» between Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea. Since 2013 Memory signs, dedicated to friendship and cooperation on the Great Silk Road, were established by the Republic of Korea in China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkey and India. In Kazakhstan, a memory sign is established for the first time. The choice of a place is not accidental – monuments of the reserve-museum «Issyk» refer to the early period of the Silk Road. Since 2016, research on them has been conducted in close cooperation with archeologists from the Republic of Korea.

The event was planned in the framework of the International forum «Silk road and cooperation in northern direction», which started its work in June 1, 2018 in Almaty. The event was organized by the Organization for economic development of the Gyeongsangbuk-do Province of the Republic of Korea. In the first day of the forum, the report «The history of the study of the Golden Man» at the section «Cultural exchange between ancient cities and the Korean peninsula in the framework of the Silk Road» was presented by the Director of the reserve-museum G.R. Mukhtarova.

The ceremonial opening of the Memory sign had – minister of culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Mukhamediuly; academician of the National academy of sciences, famous archeologist K.M. Baypakov; famous restorer, artist K.K. Altynbekov; governor of Kensanbuk-do Province of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Kim Kwang Yong; General consul of the Republic of Korea in Almaty, Mr. Zhong Sung Ming and other honorary guest as participants.


In his speech at the opening of the stele, the minister of culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, noted friendship and cooperation among peoples along the Great Silk Road, laid down by ancestors millennia ago, is being reborn in a new format. Kazakhstan is the center of the Eurasian space, through which all the caravan routes passed. The cultural heritage of the Silk Road is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, in 2014 from Kazakhstan 8 sites of the Semirechye segment of the Silk Road were included. Currently, documents are being prepared for inclusion in the List of monuments of Saryarkinsky sites. On the sites of significant monuments reserve-museums are created, one of which is the reserve-museum «Issyk». He thanked the governor and all the Korean colleagues for the realization of  this project and expressed hope, that the relations between our countries in the area of culture will continue and develop.

Governor Kim Kwang Yong, expressed confidence in the prospects of mutual research projects. He was surprised by the striking similarity of the historical and cultural heritage of the Slla era and the Sak heritage of Issyk. «Therefore, I made a decision, to make a special order for creating a copy of the reconstruction of the «Golden Man» and install it in the museum of the Silla Dynasty» he said. He thanked the minister of culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Arystanbek Mukhamediuly for hospitality and noted: «Today I see, how the sphere of Kazakhstan culture is rapidly developing, this is the great merit of minister Arystanbek Mukhamediuly». The governor thanked the director of the reserve-museum «Issyk» Mrs. Mukhtarova Gulmira Railovna for her special contribution to the development of the Kazakh-Korean relations.

During the event guests got acquainted with the exposition of the museum, with a photo exhibition dedicated to the cooperation of the reserve-museum «Issyk» with scientific and cultural institutions of the Republic of Korea. Watched the performances of the Taekwondo team of Cameng University, the Korean dance group «Torpi» and the Kazakh neo-ethno-folk group «Arkaim».

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