Monthly Archives: Декабрь 2017



Today, an exhibition dedicated to the Day of the First President was held in the reserve-museum «Issyk».

The exhibition «The Inheritors» tells about the preserved heritage, which was put into the showcases of the reserve-museum thanks to the professional activities of scientific-research and scientific-fund departments, the exhibition as a result of field and restoration work. It also presents the experience of the first such historical reconstruction in the form of a copy of the famous felt «Pazyryk» carpet.

The root of the word inheritors is the word HERIT. For historians, and even more so — for archaeologists, the search for traces of original cultures that have gone into the past is the basis of their profession, but it is sometimes difficult to be able to see these traces. And here the notion of the Inheritor, as the successor of the Teacher’s work, as the receiver of professional experience, comes to the forefront. Such a mentor for our museum was a scientist-archeologist Bekmukhanbet Nurmukhanbetov, and the inheritors of his experience in a sense are all of us — his team members, but, first of all, of course, young archaeologists.

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