img_0166   On June 2 2018 on the territory of the State historical-cultural reserve-museum «Issyk» a memory sign was opened in honor of «Friendship and cooperation on the Silk Road» between Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea. Since 2013 Memory signs, dedicated to friendship and cooperation on the Great Silk Road, were established by the Republic of Korea in China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkey and India. In Kazakhstan, a memory sign is established for the first time. The choice of a place is not accidental – monuments of the reserve-museum «Issyk» refer to the early period of the Silk Road. Since 2016, research on them has been conducted in close cooperation with archeologists from the Republic of Korea.

Exploratory expedition of the reserve-museum «Issyk» in the tracts of Nauakesken and Bolys-sai


Employees of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve Museum «Issyk» from August 9 to 20, 2017 in the scientific and applied project «Ideology and Mythology of the Saks of Semirechye» conducted exploration research in the gorges of Nauakesken and Bolys-sai, located 10 km. from the village of Dolayty, Bolsheaksu rural district, Uygur district, Almaty region.

Kurgan «Issyk»: experience in museumfication of archaeological monument.

G.S. Fayzullina, Project Manager, Public Fund «Almadeniet» G.R. Mukhtarova, Director, The state Historical and Cultural Reserve Museum «Issyk»

 A profession of archaeologist is akin to investigator. Each of them, when working on place of discovery shell restore the picture of what happened, answering the questions — who? when? how?

For the archaeologist it’s very important to capture on paper, photo and video all stages of excavation, the location of objects in each cultural layer in order to further scientific analysis to determine the period of existence, ethnic or cultural affiliation of the historical-cultural monument. After the completion of the research the results are reflected in reports and publications, and the artifacts should be transferred to the museum. As you know, the museum acts as a collector of antiquities, and as a very useful institution for specialists who knows what and where to search, able to develop independently the classification and make inferences.

The «Issyk Script»

Mukhtarova Gulmira

The State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum «ISSYK» Kazakhstan
The «Issyk Script»
The earliest written records are known to the modern world due to the work of archaeologists. As a result of archaeological excavations, clay tablets from West Asia, papyri from Egypt, manuscripts on ox hides (parchment) relating to the turn of the new era, turned to be in the hands of scientists. It is because of those great archaeological findings that the history of ancient civilizations was recreated.

State historical-cultural museum-reserve «Issyk»

State historical-cultural museum-reserve

State historical-cultural museum-reserve «Issyk»

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